At Real Life Prosthetics™ , we offer a variety of products that help to meet the desires and needs of our patients. We keep our patients a step ahead and set new standards with the services we provide. Real Life Prosthetics™  offers the following products:

Silicone Restorations: one-of-a-kind alloplastic limbs and digital restorations. The toe and foot prostheses are accurately designed to interface with sensitive areas, maximize biomechanical deficits, fits, and protection.

Custom Silicone Skins: Real Life Prosthetics™ has developed an affordable fabrication process that now offers “Real Life” appearance when high-definition BK silicone skin coverings are financially out of reach.  After many hours of hard work, a good socket fit is established, dynamical alignment is achieved for natural walking, and a dead end is reached when you cannot find a skin that offers both durability and social appeal.

Microprocessor Prosthetic Knees: each prosthesis has its own unique functionality and features which help you step over barriers and make your everyday life tasks easier without endangering stability. Obstacles soon become an inanimate part of life instead of an interference once introduced to this product.

The Michelangelo Hand: an entirely new technology for transradial fittings that sets the standards with remarkable functionality and a highly natural design. It has movable fingers and a thumb that can be separately positioned to offer innovative and amazing gripping kinematic.

L.A.S.A.R Posture System: allows the visualization of the position of the body’s center while standing, and can be used to make effective the fixed alignment or to confirm the body posture during one’s trial fitting.

Tracer CAD Systems: a state-of-the-art technology that gives Prosthetists the ability to manipulate virtual models while moving the Tracer wand over a patient’s body, offering two key functions which are to capture shape and production.

iLimb (Ultra & Digits): the iLimb Ultra is the most versatile prosthetic hand that moves and looks like a natural hand, giving each finger more independence and the ability to bend at natural joints. The iLimb Digits is the fully customized electronic prosthesis for people who are missing fingers or partial hands. One to five missing fingers can be replaced with powered prosthetic digits.

WalkAide System: the WalkAide System stimulates the common peroneal nerve to lift the foot during movement, promoting a smoother and safer walking pattern. This device is seen to improve walking speed with less fatigue, improve circulation, muscle condition, and bone density. Users have more freedom to walk with or without footwear in any terrain.