iLimb (Ultra & Digits)

Providing individuals with the ability to reform the hand to day-to-day needs is the iLimb Ultra, the most versatile prosthetic hand. This prosthesis moves and looks like a natural hand, having each finger move independently and bend at natural joints. To assist in your daily tasks, a wide variety of automated grips and gestures can be chosen. This prosthetic hand is the only one that has the ability to gradually increase the strength of its grip on an object.

For finger restoration, the iLimb Digits is the fully customized electronic prosthesis for people who are missing fingers or partial hands. One to five missing fingers can be replaced with powered prosthetic digits. As like the iLimb Ultra, these digits can move independently and bend at the joints and work in connection with any remaining fingers to help increase functional capabilities. Each iLimb Digit is unique to each individual, and is custom made to fit you.