Microprocessor Prosthetic Knees

Real Life Prosthetics™  offers a variety of microprocessor prosthetic knees.  Each prosthesis has its own unique functionality and features which help you step over barriers and make your everyday life tasks easier without endangering stability.  After being introduced to a device like the microprocessor prosthetic knees, obstacles soon become an inanimate part of life instead of an interference.


Genium Knee

The Genium Knee utilizes a complex sensory system and refines rule sets which are similar to natural movements than any other prosthetic knee.  The Genium Knee is a state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled knee joint and gains knowledge from experience and decades of development. This device is a sophisticated new technology platform that is built to gather more microprocessor inputs which result in extremely accurate responses.


The new C-Leg® allows the user to achieve a natural pattern that consists of easier & smoother movements in the knee joint. Adjustments have improved swing phase control, as well as stumble recovery.  This piece of technology provides a high level of stability, helping to avoid falls in more situations.  Further development has made the C-Leg® more robust, & with the suitable tube adapters it holds a maximum body weight of 136 kf (300 lbs).

The Rheo Knee

The Rheo Knee is an advanced prosthetic device that has users keeping their focus away from how they are walking, and more on a chosen activity.  The Rheo Knee can recognize and respond to the most delicate changes in walking speed or tract of land.  It continuously learns and adapts to one’s walking style and environment, and restores people’s ability to walk naturally, comfortably, and confidently at any speed.  The device is lightweight and has an anatomical shape for easy cosmetic covering, and is now available for a female pyramid insert for those with long transfemoral residual limbs.

The Power Knee

The world’s first and only motor-powered, artificially genius prosthesis for above-knee amputees is the Power Knee.  The Power Knee is designed to restore the power load of lost muscles and symmetry of movement that is vital for those who’ve lost limbs.  This device can help lift a user from a seated to a standing position, and even power them up stairs.  On level ground and changing terrain, this device actively lifts the heel off the ground. The Power Knee mimics the natural sense one has about their body positioning, and monitors and adjusts the locomotion of the limbs for a natural movement.