Tracer CAD Systems

Unlike traditional, messy, casting methods, Real Life Prosthetics™  utilizes the Omega Tracer system which is used for capturing and modifying CAD models in real time.  This state-of-the-art technology gives our Prosthetists the ability to manipulate virtual models while moving the Tracer wand over a patient’s body. The Omega Tracer offers two key functions which are to capture shape and production.  The Omega Tracer system is almost always used for Transfemoral amputees, Transtibial amputees, and custom Alpha liners.

Our custom liners are individually designed for typical and atypical residual limb presentations.  Each custom liner offers total comfort and extreme fit, allowing users to make choices on their fabric type and even color.  The pattern and thickness are on a wide spectrum, measuring up to be 25mm thick or even as thin as 3mm, all based on the patient’s preference.