My story begins in April 2001 when I received a lisfranc fracture in my right foot after slipping off a curb and breaking other bones in my foot. Due to the swelling, I was placed in a Juno boot and had an open reduction with a lisfranc screw and four other screws were put in my foot on day 10 of the injury.

To solve my foot problems, I attended physical therapy and even had surgery to try to get my foot to fuse. While doing so, I developed CPS or RSD. I was in extreme pain and could not walk. It was not an easy time for me as I was going back to school to work on my master’s degree in nursing. During that semester of schooling, amputation was brought up in class.

It was in December of 2004 that I wanted the pain in my limb to go away and I decided to go through with an amputation. The fracture in my leg did not fuse and there was only an 80% chance of a full recovery including RSD or CPS.

After my amputation and wanting to recieve a new prosthesis, I went to Jonas Seeberg at Real Life Prosthetics™ . Jonas designed me a custom diagnostic limb that fit properly, looked natural, and help me keep my balance since I was falling a lot. The foot he made adjusting to uneven terrain easy and it allowed me to get up hills, walk in the grass, play golf and even use a treadmill! Two years after receiving the prosthetic, I was able to enjoy my vacation at the beach with my family and swim in the ocean with them.

Three years later in 2007, I underwent a revision for lag tissue so a prosthetic would fit better. Jonas was great help when tracing, casting and pressure casting the prosthetic. He would not let me go home until he was satisfied with the test sockets he had made for me! I had to go through many numerous revisions for lag tissue and every time Jonas was there supporting me. After my most recent revision, Jonas has told me about a new prosthetic that would be coming out which would help me back on a treadmill.

I now wear a silver sock made of cotton and put on my Willow Wood Alpha Silicone sleeve. The services and products that Jonas has given me are by far the best I could ever as for! I haven’t let being an amputee stop me from doing the things that I love even though it has been slow and I am unable to go back to work. I wear my Ugg boots in the winter and my pretty sandals in the summer time, and get my toes painted on my prosthesis! You can even find me at my daughter’s athletic events sitting in a chair on the sidelines. I am hoping this year is my lucky year as I wish to walk one mile in The Race for the Cure.

A key factor in recovery and maximizing functionality of your limb is collaboration between your physical therapist and your prosthesis like I did. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but it is important to fight it so you do not miss the opportunity to get back to some of the activities you used to do before your amputee. You have to be open to change and be a part of building a prosthesis that will help you to meet your goals. You learn to accept the things you can no longer due or adapt and you collaborate to make a limb you will use and feel comfortable in. Be your own advocate. Thank you to everyone at Real Life Prosthetics™ !