Real Life Prosthetics™  offers their clients custom-made prosthetics that are designed with exacting specifications in their products to compliment the uniqueness of each patient. The fit is a primary concern with any prosthetic and orthotic device. Technology has advanced to allow ever lighter weight with stronger and more functional prosthetics, which benefits custom orthotic devices.

We provide all stages of prosthetic development from the development of a form fitting socket that is designed to be an extension of an amputee's physiological body, to the selection of the most appropriate componentry to maximize the amputee's potential for living their life, and incorporate the most socially acceptable visual presentation available for each patient. From the simplest to the most sophisticated devices, we make sure the prosthetic is comfortable enough for constant wear and can be socially functional for the needs of each individual patient.

To achieve the best socket design, our experienced ABC certified Prosthetists have available several methods. No matter which system is used to replicate the shape of the residual limb, the refinements are done by hand, sculpting the cast molding and building-up to allow for anatomical variances and sensitive areas.