Custom Silicone Skins

Real Life Prosthetics™ has developed an affordable fabrication process that now offers “Real Life” appearance when high-definition BK silicone skin coverings are financially out of reach.  After many hours of hard work, a good socket fit is established, dynamical alignment is achieved for natural walking, and a dead end is reached when you cannot find a skin that offers both durability and social appeal.

Real Life Prosthetics™ custom silicone BK skin coverings are the answer to this dilemma.  Each skin is uniquely formulated, pigmented, and shaped to closely resemble anatomical characteristics of your body. As an amputee, you are part of the coloring process and your skin is not pre-fabricated with a pre-determined skin tone that is taken off-the-shelf.  Real Life Prosthetics™ can even integrate your hair into the polychromatic skin and apply external tinting for enhanced realism. 

Furthermore, your insurance company should be happy because this skin is easily maintained and offers a very high-level of protection for expensive underlying prosthetic componentry.  During normal walking conditions, your skin should not tear (as seen with many off-the-shelf skins) because it is fully reinforced with a synthetic matrix.  This advanced technology endeavors to prolong the life of your prosthesis and reduce the number of costly replacements.

Please contact Real Life Prosthetics™ with any questions or concerns about our custom BK skins or call to schedule an appointment if you prefer to meet in person.  Remember that all of our skins have to be prescribed by your physician.