Real Life Prosthetics™  brings together superior craftsmanship skills, advanced technology, creative talents and more than 100 years of combined experience.  Our facility plays a variety of roles: engineering lab, part workshop and part artists’ studio.  Although, our main focus is to restore the bodies and spirits of our patients by designing and creating customized prosthesis that give you ultimate comfort, highest performance and the cosmetic appearance you deserve.

We combine hands-on detail sculpting and in-house computer assisted design with space-age technology and compelling quality controls. We produce more dependable, longer-lasting thermoplastic designs using our in-house infrared oven. We use stronger, ultra-lightweight materials to extend prosthetic durability and reduce user fatigue with our composite designs. As we kinematically analyze and maximize prosthetic function based on manufacturer requirements, we can correctly align components to exact specifications. Most importantly, we can make any type of adjustment at any time, due to the majority of our work being performed done on-site.

Real Life Prosthetics™  offers the most complete range of custom prostheses available. Our advanced prostheses include computerized prosthetic knee systems and myoelectrical arms. To accommodate various types of shoes, users can adjust feet change heel heights. To ensure that you look your best, Real Life Prosthetics™  offers updated silicone “skin” coverings, which have the ability to achieve a realistic, next-to-natural appearance that makes them virtually undetectable.