High-Def Silicone Restorations

Real Life Prosthetics™  specializes in the design and creation of one-of-a-kind alloplastic limb and digital restorations.  Regardless of your level of amputation, there is a solution to be found.  We treat each patient with passion and look towards their inward beauty while designing every prosthesis.

Our hand and finger prostheses are uniquely crafted for each person to ensure accurate passive/active biomechanical function, comfort, and aesthetic function are restored.  Adjustable armatures are integrated into each finger so specific grasping patterns can be accomplished.  Each restoration is uniquely crafted with medical grade silicone for reduced dermatological reaction, increased durability, and optimal proprioceptive feedback.

Our toe and foot prostheses are accurately designed to interface with sensitive areas, maximize biomechanical deficits, fit, and protection.  Just like our upper extremity designs, each lower extremity prosthesis is handcrafted from high definition silicone materials and hand painted to match one’s natural skin tone and appearance, even going into small details like freckles or tattoos to make them as realistic as possible to elude social stigmas.